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Female Androgenetic Alopecia

The Treatment of Female Androgenetic Alopecia

Hair loss is not only a problem for men. Women suffer from hair loss as well, but they get much less attention and have far fewer options in terms of treatments. The condition known as female androgenetic alopecia is a major cause of hair loss in women. Finding the right treatment for it can seem an overwhelming task, but once you understand the causes of this condition, you will be much better equipped to evaluate your options for a cure.

The development of female androgenetic alopecia is often not something that you will notice right away. It generally involves a gradual thinning of new hair growth and can be devastating if allowed to persist. When it comes to treating female androgenetic alopecia, it is important to start early. It is also vital that you know what you are looking for in a hair loss product so that you can treat your condition appropriately.

Because hair is mostly made up of protein, the best way to start treating your female androgenetic alopecia is to make sure your hair follicles have enough of this vital building block to work with. Even though you may get plenty of protein in your diet, your body may not be able to make proper use of it because of deficiencies in other areas. If you are lacking the right nutrients to allow your body to metabolize the amino acids that make up protein, your hair will not be able to grow normally and naturally.

The best approach to the treatment of female androgenetic alopecia is to start with a dietary supplement that includes things like vitamin B6, biotin, Para-Amino Benzoic Acid, and magnesium. These nutrients are just what your body needs to start processing protein the right way. Another ingredient to look for in a hair loss treatment is horsetail silica. This compound provides another essential building block of healthy new hair growth and will greatly increase your chances for success.

One great product that combines all of these elements is called Sephren. This all natural product utilizes a comprehensive daily supplement, as well as a nutrient-rich, moisturizing foam rinse to help deliver nutrients right where you need them the most. Also, because Sephren is made using only natural ingredients, you can use it without worrying about any side effects that sometimes occur with chemical hair loss treatments. This is definitely a product that is worth a closer look in your search for the right product to treat your hair loss.

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